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Guidelines for Emloyers and Freelancers

Please go through these guidelines to get yourself accustomed with what is allowed and what is not.

We also recommend you to read  Frequently asked questions as well


Employers are the people looking for other people to get their job done. They start a new campaign and select workers to finish their task, review the work done by the workers and in turn pay them.


Guidelines for Employers
  • Employers should follow the below mentioned guidelines when starting a new campaign:
  • Campaign should be nicely described, easily understandable and appropriate for general addressees.
  • Campaign should not require workers to do any illegal work and should not be harmful.
  • Campaign should be started in a way to offer a job to other people willing to do it.
  • Employers should be fair while reviewing the submitted task. If the desired result is provided by the worker, the task should be rated as ‘satisfied’ and if the completed task does not meet the requirements, then it should be rated as ‘not satisfied’.
  • Employers should pay for the satisfied tasks. However, MiniFreelance does not charge any fee to the employers for the tasks that are rated as ‘not satisfied’.


Campaigns guidelines
Campaign also referred as jobs consist of requirements such as number of workers required to complete the job and amount that each worker will earn after completing the job. Workers will have to submit a proof of their successful completion of the task.

The following conditions need to be met in every campaign:

  • It is legal if the workers are asked to write an article, share about your product or service by writing in a forum, become your follower on Twitter, sell forum signatures, write about your product in a blog, put a banner about your product or service on their website, upload videos, dig g your website, join a group on Facebook, add people as friends on Facebook or Myspace, vote for you, sign up under you as a referral, share their opinion, etc.
  • Any spamming or scamming activity is dealt with great seriousness. Employer’s satisfaction is the first priority and in order to protect it no activity would be tolerated that could harm the employer’s satisfaction. The aim of starting a campaign is to ask for other people’s help, knowledge or popularity in completing a work which you cannot do yourself.
  • However, you cannot ask a worker to use their credit card, provide details of their bank account, use any mode of payment, perform any activity that could harm another website, swap money between payment modes, disclose their personal information, sign up for a free trail of 14 days, install a software to their system or phone, complete a form after clicking a banner, complete any survey, etc.
  • Promotion of illegal activities is strictly prohibited



Payments - deposits

Money can be deposited to MiniFreelance using PayPal. However, Moneybooker and Alertpay will be available soon. You can always contact us in case if you want to deposit a huge amount of money. Fee for campaign is only 7.5%.

Campaign fees is charged only for tasks that are rated as satisfied.




Workers are the people looking to do some task and earn some money in return. They can accept jobs, deliver the results and get paid for the task.

Guidelines for Workers

The following rules must be strictly followed by every worker:

  • Every worker is allowed to hold only one account.
  • A worker can accept a particular job only once. Accepting the same job more than once by using multiple accounts will lead to account termination.
  • Workers should accept the job only if they are capable of doing it and deliver the results in time. Accepting the job and submitting a fake proof will mark their account with a red flag. Account will be terminated after getting 3 red flags.
  • Worker should maintain a certain level of success rate at any time. The success rate will be continuously monitored. Getting a task rated as ‘not satisfied’ will decrease the success rate. If that value falls below a certain level then the worker may not be allowed to submit any task for certain duration.
  • Worker should accept the job is he can finish it.
  • After submitting a proof, you can view the task in ‘Tasks I Finished’ section. The task rated as satisfied will be displayed with a green icon, task rated as not satisfied will be displayed in a red icon and task not yet rated will be displayed in a gray icon.
  • After the employer has rated the task, worker will get paid automatically and the amount for completing the task will be added to the account balance. In case if the employer does not take any action on the task submitted, the system will automatically rate the task as satisfied and close it in 166 hours


WARNING for Workers

  • Any spamming or scamming activity is dealt with great seriousness. Employer’s satisfaction is the first priority and in order to protect it no activity would be tolerated that could harm the employer’s satisfaction.
  •  Every member should fill in their full name and present mailing address. Every member will be sent a Pin number to their residential address. Worker can withdraw the money only after entering the pin number into the system that they would receive via post. This would also verify every member and prevent the creation of multiple accounts. Pin numbers will be delivered to your residential address with 5 to 25 days depending on location.
  • Many controls have been implemented at MiniFreelance that will help us monitor every activity being performed in the system. We will try our best to ensure everything works smoothly.
  • Once an account of a particular user has been terminated he will not be allowed to participate in the system again.
Payouts - withdrawals


  • The payout limit is set to 10$. The payment modes being used are PayPal, and Moneybooker. You can choose to withdraw the money using any of the above mentioned payment system. However, the withdrawal requests will be processed after 30 days of placing the request. Depending on the services, even a check delivery may take up to 20 days. Other options for payment will be available soon




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