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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do and Dont's guideline for  Employers and Mini Freelancers are in the Guidelines FAQ


What is MiniFreelance ?

There are people who want to do some work called Workers and there are people who want to get their work done by others called Employers. MiniFreelance is all about forming a network between workers and employers and the work that needs to be completed is called a mini freelancing job..

  What is the difference between Employer and Mini Freelancer ?

After registering yourself on the website, you can turn into an Employer by opening a campaign where you select a mini freelance worker to get a mini freelance job done for you. Otherwise, you can select a mini job, complete the job and then get paid for the job. This way you can earn some money too. You can select to an Employer as well as a Worker.

Does having more than one account leads to termination of account ?

Every person who joins MiniFreelance is allowed to create only one account. Users found to have more than one account will be banned.

Can I do more a job more than once

Jobs can be accepted by a single worker only once. Trying to accept the same job by using more than one account will lead to getting your account terminated. Worker should only accept the jobs they think they are capable of doing. Don’t accept the job if you cannot deliver the desired results in time. Submitting a false proof of your job completion will mark your account with a red flag. Your account will be terminated if you get three red flags.

I'm a MiniFreelancer. How and when do I get paid ?

Employer has to mark the task as satisfied that the worker completes before the worker can be paid for the job. A worker can check the status of all the tasks accepted or submitted after logging into their accounts. If the employer marks the task submitted by worker as ‘not satisfied’, then the worker will not be paid for the task and vice versa. Several payment methods like PayPal, Moneybookers, Check etc. are available for withdrawing the money. The requested payout will be processed within 30 business days.

How do I get more updates about  MiniFreelance?

Facebook and Twitter pages about MiniFreelance are  available. You can also check the MiniFreelance newsletters which can tell you about various jobs, news, weekly tips and many more.

Are there some things Employers and Workers can and cannot do?

Guidelines for all the things which both workers and employers can and cannot do are provided in the Guidelines FAQ. Guidelines FAQ.


 Employers are the people who are looking to get help to get their job done by others. Employers can start new campaigns and hire workers. They should review the work done by the workers and pay them.


Workers are the people who can enjoy by helping other people complete their job and earn for their effort as well. They can accept the jobs, complete and deliver the desired results and get paid. More details will be available in the  Guidelines FAQ

What is the Sign up bonus ?

Every user who joins MiniFreelance will get a sign up bonus added to their account. Sign up bonus can be used to create new campaigns and get your job done by other people. However, sign up bonus cannot be withdrawn as it is completely separate from your main account balance


IAs a member you can raise a support ticket for any query or concern. You can also drop an email at




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